Mind behind Caleo Magazine




We’ve had the opportunity to speak with celebrated art director and editor in chief of CALEO magazine, Ondrej Navratil.

In early 2014, Navratil launched the first issue of Caleo, providing coverage of modern men’s fashion and lifestyle. With its unique and influential design, Caleo reaches thousands of readers all around the world, and is continuing to expand internationally.

We’ve caught up with Ondrej on exploring the latest fashion and his personal influential style. From a classic pair of black shades to more innovative designs, haze collection offers the perfect pairs for his everyday needs.  Get to know Ondrej Navratil through this Q&A!


What is your career?

Since 2012 I have been working as a freelance Art Director for different clients and advertising agencies.

In 2014 I have started to work on a men’s high fashion magazine called CALEO. Nowadays we are a small, international and ambitious team creating amazing content and reaching thousands of readers around the world. I feel very happy and honored to work with these people, without them, there wouldn’t be the magazine.

For first time we are also available in New York, at the Tictail Store at the Lower East Side, it is an amazing store and we are in a neighborhood of some great independent brands and designers. 


How would you characterize your style?

I love minimalism and I think this is something what is going through all my life, beginning with my style, decoration in my apartment or my work. 

To give a special note to my style, I always try to find a special piece of clothing fitting to my style, it can be a timeless or an amazing handmade pair of shades. 


What is your “go –to” pair of shades for your everyday look?

I think a pair of classic black shades is a classic piece which everybody should have at home, it looks perfect with a leather jacket, casual style or a suit.

But I like to also wear and support new, independent designers building their own dreams and brands. The only thing which counts is always the creativity and the quality of the final product. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

When I wake up first I check my emails, as we are working with different contributors around the world and time zones, I get bunch of emails over the night.

In our time it is important to stay tuned, informed about everything what is happening around you and in the world, especially in the world of fashion. 

I try to arrange every day a little bit different, so there is not really typical plan for every day. 


How do sunglasses reflect your individual style?

I think it depends on the form, color of the sunglasses you choose. Changing your sunglasses, you can always look a little bit different and be someone else for a while. Sunglasses may completely change the way how you look like, that is something what I really like about them.


What's next for you?

Currently we are working on the summer issue of CALEO MAGAZINE, which should come out this June. We have some collaboration and also it will be our first edition distributed across all German-speaking countries, where we want to reach new readers, as we are based here. 

I am also very happy with our new website, which we have launched a couple of months ago, soon we will have also some exclusive competitions and gifts for our readers. So lot of exciting things in the pipeline.


What are sunglasses to you?

For me it is an important piece of a style, it is not just something protecting your eyes of the sun, it is a piece of your DNA.

But I remember a famous quote by Karl Lagerfeld, who said “Sunglasses are like eyes shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.” 

Well and I have to admit, he is somehow right (laughing).

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